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The Akita is not a recognised breed in Australia yet. But it has been a hard process to get them registered, with the already recognised American Akita here we had to apply for a breed split. Before this they were considered 2 types of the same breed, which Akita Inu fanciers would no this is not true.

We hope that soon sometime in 2012, for the first time in Australia the Akita will be split into two breeds and the new Japanese type Akita to be recognised.

  • Japan visits
  • Breed split for Australia
  • Imported quality bloodlines into Australia - Japanese and Spainish champions
  • Wrote to Japanese Kennel Club and Australian Kennel club on approving the AKIHIO (AKIHO was originally setup by Japan to preserve the breed, no other AKIHO is to be recognised as they are not the true AKIHO Branch)
  • wrote to Japanese Kennel Club for approval to use the 'Akita' book for the new standard
  • We put together a 30 page standard on the Akita which has been approved by Australian National Kennel club
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